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$179 OFF drop in hand sink
Valid through 04 August 2012
Bar Supplies and Equipment on Sale
Valid through 12 December 2011
Last chance sale
Valid through 04 August 2012

KegWorks began in 1998. Located on the outskirts of Buffalo, the company sells professional beer equipment, tools used, ingredients and new cocktail. Project amenities include beer. Clothing beer, Oktoberfest equipment, air tanks and regulators, and more. Bar accessories includes supply of absinthe, the signals from rods and tools, beer pong and more. Cocktail Mixers are bitter and mixers, cocktail garnishes, the elements of Margarita and more. Bar footrest includes all hoses, all media, all fittings and flanges, elbows and fittings throughout and much more. Bar furniture includes: accents, armrest bar rails, lamps, bar, foot pegs, mirrors, sinks, etc.. KegWorks also: refrigeration equipment, commercial goods, kitchen appliances, and more. Visit KegWorks for all the beers and the bartender professional equipment and tools.